King Hárek’s Wolffish Garden

King Hárek’s Wolfish Garden (try saying that 5 times fast in a row!) got it’s name when it became one of our wolffish research areas. The first idea for it’s name was King Hárek’s Tomb, because of it’s unique shape, that doesn’t really look completely natural and a little bit man made… And the ones who know the workers at Strýtan Divecenter also know that we like to stretch our stories quite far. So of course we used the one little story or theory that the viking king Hárek was buried somewhere here in the fjord and of course it was at King Hárek’s Wolffish Garden! If there are any fans of the great TV series Vikings then they might also know that Hárek had a son named Erlendur as well, so who knows, maybe we have a very famous ancestor? 

King Hárek’s Wolffish Garden has it’s top at around 5 – 7 m and on it’s flat surface is a small kelp forest where you can see multiple creatures hiding away from prying eyes. After the beautiful reef comes a wall down to around 17 m where you can see a wolfish or two laying in every crack and crevice around along with so many other animals. Already we’ve marked 25 wolffish holes in this area but they are so many that we couldn’t possibly mark every one. It’s marvelous going down from the cliff to the sandy and rocky bottom and seeing two completely different environments.

But like everything that we have in the fjord it isn’t only the underwater world that’s breathtaking but the 15 min boat ride has it’s fair share of beautiful landscape!

For more information you can check out our Personal Diving Tours since this dive is usually a part of our few day trips.