Strýtan DiveCenter is a professional diving center in North Iceland, operated by Erlendur Bogason for more than 25 years.

Join our tours and discover the life under the ocean surface while scuba diving and diving in Iceland, which is both colorful and diverse.

Diving Tours

Personal Diving Tours

Customly made for you and your interests!

We put our pride in giving you the best diving experience, whether it’s diving or our personal service. We have multiple tours and dive spots that we can offer you and every single one of them has a special attraction! We can create special diving tours from one day to a week and it’ll be completely tailored to your needs and interests.
We also have seasonal dive tours, like the cod spawning and the puffin island Grimsey. Check out our dive spots and tours and see what fits your interests the best! We’ll do our best to give you the experience of a lifetime!

Diving Courses

Learn How to Dive in Iceland!

Learn how to dive in the “coolest” waters

We offer a variety of scuba diving courses, everything from beginners courses up to Dive Masters internships. So far we have 9 different specialties and we hope that with the years they’ll be more. We also offer Discover Scuba Diving so even if you have never tried diving before you can start here in Iceland! We have amazing facilities to practice diving, good classroom, amazing shallow training dive sites and we also work with the pool in Akureyri, Sundlaug Akureyrar to do all our pool training.

Hydrothermal Chimneys – Natural wonders in the North Atlantic Ocean

We are the official protectors of Strytan and Arnarnesstrytan, underwater rock formations and hydro chimneys located at the bottom of Eyjafjordur bay in North Iceland, by contract with the Environmental Agency of Iceland.These natural wonders are the first protected underwater areas in Iceland. Diving in this area without permission from Strýtan and Erlendur Bogason, is not permitted. You you must first contact us to learn about the area and how to interact with the extraordinary and rare underwater wonders that the area has to offer.