Advanced Open Water Diver

Dive into the next step of your scuba diving adventure and try out the Advanced Open Water Diver.

The Advanced Open Water Diver is the next certification after the Open Water Diver. There you can gain more experience, discover more types of diving and dive deeper into the wonders of the underwater world. This course is only 5 dives and gives you the certification to go the depth of 30 m. There are no formal classroom sessions, only a lot of diving and a lot of fun. You can choose from a lot of specialty dives but two are mandatory, the deep dive and the navigation dive, but there are 3 dives left that allow you to choose from what your heart desires. Two of those five dives will be to Arnarnesstrýtan and Strýtan.

If you don’t have your dry suit certification yet you can have it included in this course and no extra charge.

If you’re interested in any of the other specialty courses that we offer you can always make one of your adventure dive count up to that specialty course.

Why should you take this course with us?

In the Advanced Open Water Course at Strýtan Divecenter we’ll make sure you get the very best instructors that we have and we ensure a lot of fun! You’ll get to dive the hydrothermal chimneys, Arnarnesstrýtan and Strýtan, during your course and a lot of other great places! If you don’t already have your dry suit certification you’ll get it included in the price!

What do you get from the Advanced Open Water Course?

After you finish your Advanced Open Water Course you can dive down to 30 m. The certification itself lasts a lifetime and is universal. The Advanced Open Water Certification opens a whole new diving world for you, where you can choose from a lot more dive sites and are more trusted as a diver.

Weather and Conditions

It’s said that Icelandic weather changes every 5 minutes, that’s maybe not the exact case but it can change quite rapidly and the same goes with water conditions. Be aware that we can change our tours on a short notice to ensure your safety and so you have the best experience as possible.

It’s good to bring clothes for every condition, the weather can be great in front of our divecenter, almost boiling, or it can be windy and quite cold.

Book via email:
Price: 90.000,- ISK per person.

Duration and Time

We start our courses at 9:15  and the course spans over 3 days. We only do two dives a day because of the cold waters and the difficulty of the dives.


  •   All equipment that you might need, included for all specialty courses where you might need something extra.
  •   Great instructor.
  •   5 dives, including Arnarnesstrýtan and Strýtan.
  •   Advanced Open Water Certification Card.
  •   Dry Suit Certification if needed.

Please Bring

  •   Certification cards, minimum of Open Water Diver.
  •   Log book.
  •   Swimsuit for the hot tub.
  •   Clothes for all weather conditions.

Diver Prerequisites 

  •   Open Water Diver Certification.
  •   17 years old.
  •   Being in good health is important.

Certification Requirements

  • 5 dives, 1 deep dive and 1 navigation dive.


Our instructor to student ratio is always 1:4.