Arnarnesstrýtur is a cluster of small hydrothermal chimneys. They are located in a larger underwater protected area whom is filled with other similar underwater wonders.

This cluster of chimneys rise from the bottom at 23 m up to 15 m and from them gushes 79°C warm fresh water. Scientists believe that the water is over 10.000 years old and has been travelling all that time from the highlands of Iceland. The water has the pH level of 10 and at certain places you can feel the warmth of the water even though it does not affect the overall temperature in the water.

Arnarnesstrýtur is not only a geological wonder but also has a unique and diverse marine life. This place has numerous species of nudibranchs and vast macro life. It is also filled with bigger species like our wolffishes and a lot of other species of fish, like cod, pollock and lumpfish so we name a few. If you are lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a humpback whale in the water.