Discover Scuba Diving

by | Apr 14, 2017

For a long time we’ve wanted to have something for everyone, even if they are not certified divers, so we decided to try out Discover Scuba Diving here at Strýtan Divecenter.

We’re excited to see how it will work out and we hope for the best! We want to share this wonderful underwater world of Iceland with the rest of the world, so you can discover that it’s not only green and murky but has all kinds of beautiful things that everyone can enjoy! And it’s pretty cool to say that you did your first dive in Iceland! That’s very hardcore!

We’ll offer the DSD two times a day everyday. We’ll start by introducing you to your instructor and then we’ll do a quick theory, like how to behave in the water and how to “pop” your ears when you go under the water pressure. Next we’ll do some skills in the water and then we’ll do a fun dive together, exploring the underwater world of Iceland. We’ll also make sure to have a camera with us so you can get a few pictures of yourself! Afterwards you can sit in the hot tub and enjoy the scenery of our beautiful fjord.


  • Experienced instructor
  • All equipment
  • Theory, waterskills and a fun dive


Please Bring

  • Swimsuit for the hot tub.
  • Clothes for all weather conditions.


Minimum Requirements

  • 17 years of age.



Our ratio for this tour is 1:2 so students can get the attention that they need.


Duration and Time

The tour itself is around 3 – 4 hours but you’re more than welcome to stay longer and enjoy the small fishing village of Hjalteyri and the scenery from our hot tub.

In the winter time we dive according to the daylight so then our timetable changes.


Weather and Conditions

It’s said that Icelandic weather changes every 5 minutes, that’s maybe not the exact case but it can change quite rapidly and the same goes with water conditions. Be aware that we can change our tours on a short notice to ensure your safety and so you have the best experience as possible.

It’s good to bring clothes for every condition, the weather can be great in front of our divecenter, almost boiling, or it can be windy and quite cold.



  • We have quite a few shallow places where we can go and dive. All of them are different from each other and a lot to experience. We go after the weather and conditions.
  • If you’re more experienced you might want to check out Orientation Dive and Arnarnesstrýtan.




Diving in Iceland

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