Atlantic wolffish

Stephanie the wolffish. Photo by Erlendur Bogason.

Arnarnesstrýtur is a cluster of small hydrothermal chimneys. They’re in a protected underwater area which is covered with diverse marine life, from the smallest creatures to one of the biggest in the world. The maximum depth on this site is 25 meters and the average water temperature is around 6°C, but it changes by the seasons. 

From the chimneys gushes 79°C fresh water that scientists believe is over 10.000 years old and has traveled underground all the way from the highlands of Iceland. Even though the water from the chimney is this warm it does not affect the temperature of the surrounding water but you can try and take off your glove and feel the heat of the water. It’s good sometimes to warm up your hands after a pretty cold dive and fill the glove with hot water.

Like mentioned earlier you’ll be diving with all sorts of underwater creatures, everything from tiny shrimps or nudibranch to our best friends the wolfish. If you’re very lucky, and then we mean very lucky, you might encounter a humpback whale during your dive but there are no promises on that part. At the end of the dive we’ll sometimes fill a thermo of the fresh warm water, bring it to the surface and let you taste some hot chimney chocolate.


  • Availability: All year.
  • Duration: 4 – 6  hours.
  • Please Bring: Your certification card and log book and some warm clothes and swimsuit for the hot tub. 
  • Dive skills: Advanced Open Water Diver and Dry Suit experience.
  • Included: All equipment.
  • Minimum: 1 diver.
  • Price per person: For one guided dive: 30.000 ISK.


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