The ship Standard, the wreck

The spring 1997 I did a local fishermen in Akureyri some diving favors and when he wanted to pay me I asked if he would instead take me on his boat looking for wreck in the harbor, I had heard about some years ago. We didn’t know anything about this wreck or if it even existed, but we just decided to use the depth sonder on the boat and look for it. This was probably one of the shortest search for wreck ever, we turned on the depth sonder and less than 5 min later we found something huge at the bottom. I dove down to something I didn’t know what was and at the depth of 15 meters I came to the port side of a wreck that was lying on the starboard side at bottom depth of 26 meters. I later measured the size of the wreck and found out it was over 60 meters long and 11 meters wide. I then found a German book with the story of this ship. The name of the ship is Standard and it was built in the USA 1874 and later it was owned by German fishing company that was fishing in Iceland. When World War 1 started, all German vessels were ordered to come home to Germany but the German fishing fleet left Standard behind laying with an anchor in the harbor of Akureyri. After lying with an anchor for long time, one day Standard had disappeared. Now Standard has been at the bottom of the harbor for almost 100 years and is still in good condition, you can go inside the wreck. You also have to see the art on he bow where the wood has been cut. There is usually lot of fish life around and in the wreck.

  • Availability: All year (except when there are cruse ship in port of Akureyri)
  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Please bring: Warm clothes.
  • Dive skills: Open water diver. If you don’t have a dry suit experience you can take dry suit course with us. Boat dive
  • Included: All dive equipment and light food.
  • Minimum: 1 diver
  • Price/person: 30.000-isk